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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Writing Life

Several readers have asked what I'm working on these days. Writers love this question, the way Facebook likes being asked about its privacy policies.

I'm only kidding. For business and legal reasons, Facebook has to talk about its privacy policies. I can be less forthcoming.

Here's the short version: My next book project is under development. I'm researching several possibilities. Meanwhile, I've scratched the writing itch with several shorter pieces, all for The Washington Post. Here's the list:

* An op-ed on the Tucson shootings explored the mental health implications and whether the "system" really failed. About a dozen other newspapers picked it up.

* An essay on the Oscar-nominated movie, "The King's Speech," examined the limits of cinematic license in dealing with historical events. As the headline said, "Brilliant filmmaking, less-than-brilliant history."

* An article on my venture into Facebook advertising offered a first-hand look at its allure and it's effective for the D.I.Y. crowd. My ads appeared more than 755,000 times. Click here to find out the rest of the story in "Facebook ads are a bargain, but can you get the right crowd to click?"

I'm out on the road again in a few weeks, heading to Vero Beach in Florida, where the Indian River County Public Library has chosen Annie's Ghosts for its first annual "Community Read." On February 23, I'm speaking at the Richardson Conference Center on the Mueller Campus of Indian River State College. If you're within driving distance of Vero Beach, come on by. The event is free.


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