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Friday, December 3, 2010

Part 2, The Annie's Ghosts 2010 Holiday Gift and Giveaway

Memo to fellow authors: Yes, you may borrow my idea.

Earlier this week on my blog, I posted my offer to send out signed or inscribed bookplates for anyone planning to give Annie's Ghosts as a gift during this holiday. (Click here to read my earlier posting about the origins of this idea.)

That brought a good number of email requests for bookplates. It also brought messages from other authors. "Great idea!" and "I constantly meet people at conferences who wish they had brought their book along for me to sign. A bookplate is a great solution." and "Love this! Mind if I do it too?"

Mind? Not at all.

Enough about authors, though. Readers and gift-givers, I've still got plenty of bookplates, so if you're interested in getting a signed one, please send your request to steve@steveluxenberg or click here to use the email form at my website.

And a reminder: I'm also giving away two signed hardcover copies for the holidays. Please send in your entry by December 15. As they say, no purchase is necessary. But please feel free to visit the Steve Luxenberg author page on Facebook, and join the ranks of those who "like" it. You can click here to get there.)


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Blogger Hope said...

I got my bookplates this weekend. Thank you so much! They're great.

December 6, 2010 at 9:07 AM  

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