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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Book touring occupational hazard

Definition of enthusiasm: Three book groups coming for a talk about Annie's Ghosts in Springfield Township, Michigan, this past Wednesday.

Definition of embarrassing: A question from one reader that showed the author had not remembered an important detail in the book that he had written.

Definition of kindness: The large audience forgave me, enthusiastically, for my lapse.

The talk in Springfield was one of four library visits that I'm making this week and next, part of my Michigan Notable Book tour. The Library of Michigan honors 20 books a year as Michigan Notable Books, and I'm delighted that Annie's Ghosts was fortunate to be included among this year's winners.

In return, the Library asks the winning authors to promote the program and their work through speaking events. I drew good crowds for the first two library talks -- in Royal Oak, outside Detroit, and Springfield Township. Next week, I'm invited to speak at two more -- Grand Rapids and Morenci, on the Michigan-Ohio border.

Libraries provide two important public spaces for authors. Not only do they put our books on their shelves, but they serve as community places for writers and readers to come together.

Join me, if you're nearby, in Grand Rapids or Morenci. Don't expect to trip me up, though. I'm re-reading my book, just in case.

-- Steve Luxenberg

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